“What’s Wrong with Expandable Pants?” – Adventures in Personal Styling

Question : What’s wrong with expandable pants?

#ScriptForStyle :  This was a question posed by my new personal styling client, Tracie.  ‘Jeans and pants don’t fit me well, so I just get bottoms with elastic in them.’  Tracie even wears pregnancy pants for the elastic waist! Oh my!

Given that my client is a size 2, it seems hard to believe that she has difficulty finding jeans. Tracie also loves  “expandable” type dresses for the same reason.  Lets just say that Tracie is well acquainted with American Apparel 😉

Although she is slim and petite, Tracie is a curvy girl and so her jeans always seem to be too big around the waist (even if they fit her backside).  Then I said something to my client which blew her mind.  “Have you considered tailoring your clothes?”  She had an epiphany!  Even if you technically wear the same size as runway models, clothes simply fit different people differently.  Investing in tailoring can upgrade your wardrobe.  With the right tailor, you can make $30 jeans look like $200 jeans. Same goes for tops, skirts, dresses, blazers and coats.  Don’t limit your wardrobe.  Explore, have fun and find a great tailor!  Still not sure where to start? Mention this blog post and receive a 20% discount off a 2 hour closet cleanse and outfit coordination (for those in the greater Los Angeles area).


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