“I’ve got 99 problems, but a Bra ain’t one…”

One of the best things you can wear to look better in your clothes is not visible 99% of the time.  Yes, I am talking about undergarments, specifically bras!  If you are a woman and think you have had bras fitted properly, chances are you are wrong.  Sorry, but a “fitting” at Victoria’s Secret just does not cut it.
         When you do have a proper bra fitting, it changes your posture and can change your life!  And yes, I literally said this the first time I was professionally fitted for a bra.  The bra size you think you are and the bra size you actually are, are usually vastly different.  It’s not just about the bust measurement and cup size.  It’s a more intricate measuring system.  Specifically, there are 6 problems a proper fitting bra can help fix.  No more Bra-lems!
1. Slipping Straps
2.  Band riding up
3. Straps digging in
4.  Quad boob
5.  Side boob
6. Cup gaping
Check out the easy solutions!  Need more help?  Looking for the right bra?  Check out http://www.thirdlove.com where you can try a bra before you buy it!
“WANT A DISCOUNT?!!?!?  Use this Promo Code: BRABLEMS and it is for 15% off! and be sure to check out all their bra styles they have to offer!”
No need to fret! I will have more bra and undergarment tips in the near future.  Every lady deserves support in every way possible 😉Bra-blems (3)
Please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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