Fifty Shades of Grey: Adventures in Personal Styling

#ScriptForStyle : I recently had a client named Gary contact me about a closet cleanse.  He felt like his closet was overwhelming and just didn’t know where to start to revamp his wardrobe.  This is the before picture.

gary before

In addition to the clothing, Gary’s bedroom closet was also filled with linens, suitcases and even a gas mask (in case of an apocalpse…hey, you never know).  He had a few closets in his downtown loft, and together we decided to put non wardrobe related items elsewhere.  Then we began to work.

gary gas

gary 2

gary tailor

The first thing that is very noticeable is that Gary’s closet is full of grey and blacks.  Given his upbeat and colorful personality; the wardrobe didn’t quite fit the man.  The few items with color were not particularly flattering colors.  Some faded sea-foam colored shirts were present that simply didn’t suit Gary.  I found out later that Gary is actually Red-green colorblind; which explained a lot!  Perfect opportunity for a personal stylist to help create a vision that the client literally can’t see for themselves!  Another wonderful adventure in closet cleaning!

gary after 1

Photography by Brittany Mendoza


No More Wire Hangers!!!

Question:   I have so many clothes in my closet that I am overwhelmed!  I don’t even know what I own!  Help!!!sf fan wine

#ScriptForStyle : This is my client, Laju.  She is a high powered litigation attorney in Los Angeles.   Apparently, she is also a football fan.  She needs great looks for work as well as for social events.  She has hired me to be her personal stylist.  First, we need to see what she actually owns.  One of the most important services a personal stylist can provide is a proper closet cleanse!  You won’t know what you need unless you know what you have!

After a free initial styling consultation , I went to work!  I went through every clothing item Laju owned and designated them to a specfic category. ‘Keep, Alter, Consign or Donate (to Good Will or Dress for Success)’.

With the closet cleanse, I was also able to perform outfit coordination services with Laju.  We created several new outfits with items that she already owns.  We will be recreating new looks by altering some clothes and even dyeing some shoes to bring new life into her wardrobe!

I was able to see that my client had a serious addiction.  To wire hangers ( #nomorewirehangers ) and cowl neck tops and dresses.  I counted 26 cowl necks.  26!!!! It is my duty as a style expert to write her a #scriptforstyle.  That Script will cure her of her ailments 😉


laju before 1.1Next, I will add some great looks to Laju’s wardrobe. Stay tuned.  Interested in personal styling services?  Mention this post and receive a 25% discount off a 2 hour closet cleanse.  If you live outside of the greater Los Angeles area, receive 50% off of a virtual styling closet cleanse!  

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My favorites: People’s Choice Awards 2015

Awards season is here and I couldn’t be happier.  Celebrities on the red carpet take fashion to the next level.  Here are my favorites!

modern family

I am loving this Smythe tuxedo dress look worn by Modern Family’s Ariel Winter. It is an age appropriate look and shows off just the right amount of skin.  Her legs look insane! Her figure is a perfect hourglass!


This is a lovely top-culotte combo with cutouts that give the illusion of an hourglass (the ideal silhouette).  Minimal makeup and stiletto shoes take this to the next level.  Big win for Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting!


I love a age appropriate, well fitted and trendy look on a young actress.  Chloe Moretz is stunning in this Louis Vuitton number.  Simply perfect!  This really puts her on list for up and coming style icons.


I love this dress on Viola Davis!  The fit shows off her incredible figure, but more importantly, she knows that this color complements her gorgeous skin tone! The bright rose color was meant for her!

Holiday Party Attire

Question:  I need some holiday party dress inspiration.  Help!
Script For Style:  There are many different fabulous options for holiday party attire.  A Little Black Dress is always and option, and you can even add a little drama by turning the LBD into a Long Black Dress!  Show off arms and decollete for a sophisticated look!  Embellished shoes help to keep this look festive and appropriate.
(Photo by Kristina McManus, Model Kristen Keller)
You can also try a sleek body con dress with faux cutouts and a unique coat (an alternative to a faux fur).  Add a great pair of pumps, and you are good to go!
View More:
(Photography by TimesTwophoto, Model Anna Bella)
You can also never go wrong with a touch of sparkle for the holiday season!  Try adding interest to a look by adding jewel tones patterns and statement jewelry!  This look featured in Jute Magazine would be perfect!
jute blog
All looks styled by Dominique Aimee.  If you need some help finding the perfect holiday look, contact me via my website for Personal Styling Consultation (free when you mention this blog post) !  Happy Holidays!!!

Naughty & Nice: The Sheer Black Stocking Trend

Question: Are there any new trends that can instantly make me look sexy without showing too much skin?

Script For Style: Yes! The Sheer Black Stocking trend may be reminiscent of the 80s and 90s; but it has come back in a fresh new way!  Best seen on the Spring/Summer 2015 Tom Ford Runway Collection, the SBS (Sheer Black Stocking) elevates the usual cocktail attire and simply brings sexy back.

tom ford 1

The SBS is great for every woman because it can hide minor imperfections such as dimples varicose veins and small pigmentation problems.  Even celebrities such as Rihanna have taken the SBS trend on!  You may want to invest in quality stockings to ensure that they do not tear easily.  Try Spanx which also has body shaping abilities.  I have no doubt that upscale companies such as Wolford and La Perla are selling out of the SBS!


The SBS is not just for red carpet looks.  It can be incorporated into more casual looks as well.  Take a cue from Walk in Wonderland’s Sheryl Luke.  Not sure if the Sheer Black Stocking look is for you? Invest in a Personal Stylist who can advise you on which trends work best for you!

walk in wonderland

Married to Style : I Do !

Question: How can I look unique yet classic and modern on my wedding day?

#ScriptForStyle : Take a cue from Solange on her wedding day. She wore two different looks and both of them were #flawless ! Both looks were a cream color which is a trend that many new brides should embrace. The off white color is flattering on many different skin complexions and keeps the bridal look soft. The absence of lace in both looks is very modern and the lack of patterns/ brocades or prints allows the simple, yet effective designs to stand on their own.
The addition of a wedding cape in lieu of a veil is the definition of unique! The length of the gown keeps it demure. The second wedding look is a jumpsuit which I personally love (love, love!!!) A hint of cleavage and exposure of the back are balanced by the pant portion of the look. Perfect for a wedding bike ride!
What did you thing of Solange’s wedding day looks?? Would love your input! Personally, these are my favorite wedding looks EVER. Having trouble finding the perfect wedding look? Hire a personal stylist to make your wedding dreams come true! .




Diary of a Label Whore

Ailment:  How do break away from fashion that is very label driven and still look on trend and relevant?


Script For Style: I too have suffered from Fashion Label Addiction (FLA).  It is very hard to break away but it can be done effectively.  I love Louis Vuitton just like the next girl (whether I can afford Louis Vuitton is a different story); but does the brand’s name need to be plastered on my luggage?  I also love a great plaid print; but does it have to be Burberry in order to be fabulous?   And let’s not forget the allure of the best shoes in the business; red soled Christian Louboutins.  If you dont see the red when I walk, are people a little disappointed (as I consider myself to be quite the fashionista)?

The thing is, if everyone knows who you are wearing head-to-toe on any given day; you need help!  Style is an individual’s interpretation of fashion. It’s more intriguing to wonder what a fabulous woman is wearing.  It means that she didn’t just go to Saks and pick up the usual suspects (Prada, Chanel etc).  It’s not just high end designers that people can be addicted to.  Many a people have been walking advertisements for J. Crew, Banana Republic and Forever 21.  Mix it up!  Try new stores! Ask uniquely fashionable people on the street where they shop.  Even with casual outfits, people will wonder what secret stores you have been frequenting.  Oh, and be careful! Don’t trade one addiction for another.  I have also suffered from Beauty Label Addiction (BLA) where I would buy YSL mascara, Chanel lipstick and Nars blush on a regular basis.  Sure they are great products; but I wasn’t buying them for the quality, I was buying the name and prestige.  I am a recovering label addict.  Hopefully I am not the only one.

How to Slim a Cankle in 5 Steps

Question: How do I slim my cankles?

Script For Style: A cankle is an unusually thick or stout ankle.  Assuming that you do not have a medical condition causing this (always check with your primary medical physician); there are some styling tricks that can be employed to give the illusion of a slimmer ankle.  Here they are in 5 steps.

 1) If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t force it.  Some people just have wider feet or ankles.  Just like with clothing; do not attempt to squeeze into anything that is too tight.  It will give you the muffin top effect on your foot.

2) Avoid thinly strapped shoes and instead opt for wider straps or a T-strap. A flesh/nude toned strap can be your friend in a well fitting shoe.  If you are petite or have heavy set legs, you may wish to avoid an ankle strap all together as it can shorten the leg (making the cankle worse).

3) Avoid super thin stilettos and opt for reasonably stacked heels or wedges. A super skinny heel + cankle = circus act.

4) Heels are better than flats.  That is not to say that you can never where flats when you have cankles, but your ankles will always appear slimmer in heels (3″ and above).  If you are wearing athletic shoes (with shorts and bare legs), pair them with darker socks.  Or wear boots that can hide a cankle all togther!

 5) Brings some color to your feet.  Pure white shoes or sneakers can make your feet and ankles appear wider than necessary.

Sloppy to Sleek in 3 Steps

Question: How can a regular girl (aka not of model proportions) make an otherwise casual and comfortable outfit look chic with minimal effort?

 #ScriptForStyle: While a lot of clothes look great on models (essentially a beautiful hanger if you will), it is importanat for each person to know what will look good on them.  The goal is to go from Sloppy to Sleek in 3 steps flat.

 1) Know which colors work best for your skin tone.  When people compliment you on your look, what colors are you usually wearing?  Sometimes it’s a classic white or black, but don’t hesitate to look outside your color comfort zone. (Spring Summer 2015 – Whistles)

2) The quality of the fabrics you wear has the potential to upgrade shabby chic to just plain chic. A casual look can very easily look runway worthy if the material is great.  Or add a great accessory or statement bag to elevate the whole look. (S/S 2015 – Tod’s)

3) Accentuate the positive and downplay the negative.  Fabulous style is sometimes more about smoke and mirrors than it is the actual clothes you wear.  For example, if you have a straight up and down figure, the illlusion of a waist can turn a run of the mill look into a winner.  If your arms aren’t your best feature, camouflage them and shift the focus elsewhere. (S/S 2015 – Marissa Webb)

Although there are 3 steps, it doesn’t mean that they’re easy.  Sometimes it takes an objective eye to get you out of a style rut.  Open yourself to the possibility that a fresh look at your style can change the way you feel. Personal stylists make it easy 😉

#NYFW For the Professional Woman

  It’s that time again! New York Fashion Week is when the world gets excited for upcoming seasons. What are the new trends? What’s hot and what’s not? For most of us, it’s hard to imagine that runway looks could work in our everyday lives; especially as professional working women. Fear not! It’s still early in fashion week, but there are some great looks that will inspire and upgrade your soon-to-be Spring Wardrobe. If incorporating ‘Runway’ looks onto a Real Woman on a Real Budget seems overwhelming; hire a personal stylist to do all the hard work for you. You won’t break the bank, but it will look like you did!



This Lyn Devon look is a perfect Spring dress that can go from ‘Desk to Dinner’. Pair this with a white or navy blazer and closed toed shoes for work; then take off the jacket and add a sweet pair of open toed sling backs for happy hour. The silhouette of this dress is universally flattering. If you want a more defined waist, add a medium sized white belt! For petite women, have this hemmed above the knee!


This Nonoo look may seem riskee for the office; but add a cami underneath and you’re good to go! The hem line may seem too short, but unless you are of super model proportions; this will likely hit between mid thigh and above the knee ( which is an appropriate length for the office). Some great oxford flats will take this look to the next level!

jason wu

This Jason Wu day dress is perfect with a capital Woohoo! A visually stunning fabric with a conservative silhouette makes this perfect for the woman who wants to be noticed and admired for her work attire. This outfit would work well with a Navy or White blazer. If you want to wear this outside of work, try a cape with a pop of color, like tangerine! You can also pair this with a different belt than shown. Like a wrap dress, this dress flatters most body types. Adjust the hem as needed. A 21 and 55 year old woman could both rock this look equally well.